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How can I be involved?

There are several ways that you can be involved in your child's school.

You can volunteer:

  1. In class activities (Grade level parent, field trips, walking field trips, special classroom parties, etc.)
  2. In the office (Wednesday Envelope, working on bulk mailings, etc.)
  3. Around the building (School beautification, general maintenance, maintaining flower beds, playground areas)
  4. By helping with fundraisers (Seafood Festival, Auction, Walk-a-Thon, Box Tops, Book Fair, Justice for All Lemonade Stand, etc.)
  5. By helping with school events/activities (School Lunch, School Uniforms, Silent Auction, Teacher Appreciation Week, Catholic Schools Week, Reading to Students in the Library, Grand Friend during Grandparent Day, Sonny Hyman Field Day, Fun Field Day, etc.)
  6. ...and not leaving the house! We need volunteers for classroom organization of workbook pages, advertising, planning and information gathering.

If you are interested, please complete this form.


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