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Hot Lunch Order Form-Term starts 9/3/19 - ends 12/19/19

Hot Lunch will run through the semester from 9/3/19 through 12/19/19  

NOTE: Parents, you must complete one form for EACH student.

Deadline Date for lunch orders and payment:

Thursday, August 22nd

Your order will not be complete until form is submitted.

Please note the following days for each restaurant.

You have two options from which to choose each day. 

Monday: Dank Burrito (13 orders)

Tuesday: Ioannis Grill (16 orders)

Wednesday: Luigi's Pizza(15 orders)

Thursday: Chick-fil-A(14 orders)

Friday: Panera Bread(13 orders)

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Monday: Dank Burrito (13 orders)
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Tuesday: Ioannis Grill (16 orders)
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Wednesday: Luigi's Pizza (15 Orders)
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Thursday: Chick-fil-a (14 orders)
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Friday: Panera Bread (13 Orders)
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