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Hot Lunch Server Sign-Up

Hot lunch servers are a crucial part of our hot lunch program. Time commitment is usually about one hour. Servers arrive at the school at 11:15 am and finish around 12:30 pm. If a server has to pick up lunch from a restaurant it may take a little longer.

Contact Information

GroupMe app is used for the volunteer schedule. Our group can be found at https://groupme.com/join_group/51999306/Zx5bolY3

Do you have access to the GroupMe app? Please choose one of the following:
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Scheduling: Please indicate the days of the week you can serve lunch:
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Hot lunch begins on Tuesday, 9/3/19. Christine Garnett is the chairperson in charge of coordinating hot lunch volunteers. Please call the school if you need to contact her. Volunteer schedules will be completed and sent out through GroupMe for each hot lunch session (2 sessions per school year - one for first semester and one for second semester). If you need a hard copy, please contact the front office.

Thank you for signing up to help serve hot lunch to our students!

This form will be closed on Friday, August 23, 2019, so please complete ASAP!

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