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Hot Lunch Order Form Due Thursday, March 30, 2023


Orders run every full school day: April 17-June 7, 2023 

PLEASE NOTE: Parents, you must complete one form for EACH student.

Deadline Date for lunch orders and payment:

Thursday, March 30

Your order will not be complete until form is submitted and payment has been made in the front office.

Please note the following days for each restaurant.

You have options from which to choose each day.  

Monday: Highway 55 (7 orders)

Tuesday: Musashi (8 orders)

Wednesday: Luigi's Pizza (8 orders)

Thursday: Chick-fil-A  (7 orders)

Friday: Zaxby's (6 orders)

Grade Level:*
Answer Required

Please note: Each day has check boxes in front of the choices. Click the check box and write down the total amount for that day. When you submit the form it will tell the office what to order, but you will have to pay the lunch amount via cash, check or Square (credit card). 

If you have comments or questions about the menu or if your student has any food allergies, please contact the restaurant coordinator: Jackie Ayre 919.796.4614, [email protected]

If you have any questions about completing the form, please do not hesitate to call the school at 252.726.3418.

Monday Highway 55 (7 orders)
Answer Required
Tuesday Musashi (8 orders)
Answer Required
Wednesday Luigi's Pizza 8 orders
Answer Required
Thursday Chick-fil-A (7 orders)
Answer Required
Friday Zaxby's (6 Orders)
Answer Required

To finalize your lunch order:

1. Add the amount for your child's lunch choices for Monday-Friday so you will know how much you owe for your child's lunch order.

2. Be sure to SUBMIT the form. (This information will be sent to our Administrative Assistant, and she will have it on file.)

3. You can pay by cash, check or Square in the front office.

4. Give your confirmation email address below.

REMEMBER: This form indicates your child's choices, however, if you do not pay in the front office, you will need to provide lunch for your child. The deadline for orders and payment is March 30, 2023.

Confirmation Email