Justice for All Lemonade Service Project

As St. Egbert Catholic School gathered at the flagpole year after year to remember the 911 attack on our country, I realized our oldest students had not been born when this event occurred in 2001. I felt we needed an explanation that focused on something positive to explain to our students why we were gathering. When I spoke to our then Principal, Peggy Lane, she tasked me with figuring out how to make this happen. / decided a lemonade sale to raise money for our first responders (the Morehead City Police and Fire Departments) would create the positive narrative needed to explain to students why we were having a 911 Ceremony. Our invited guests for the 911 Ceremony are the Mayor of Morehead City, representatives of the Morehead Police and Fire Departments and our parents who served or currently are serving in the Armed Forces. Mrs. Lane decided to name the sale The Justice for All Lemonade Sale. At the end of our sale, the school children present checks to our first responders to honor their service to our community

Mrs. Toni Justice (former St. Egbert Catholic School Teacher)