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About our School

Year Founded
  • 1956
  • AdvancED/SACS since 2001
  • Traditional Calendar (mid-August until first week of June)
  • Breaks and holidays are scheduled (whenever possible) according to the Carteret County Public Schools calendar.
School Hours
  • 8:00 AM – 2:40 PM (PK through 5)
Number of Students
  • 115
  • Catholic students: 37% Non-Catholic students: 63%
  • Majority students: 90.5% Minority students: 9.5%
Class Sizes
  • PK: 20 students
  • Grades K-5 : less than or equal to 24 students
  • Uniforms are mandatory for K-5 students; PK students wear a modified uniform.
  • North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study which consists of the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics and the North Carolina Essential Standards in all other subjects.
Supplemental Classes
  • Art
  • Music
  • Religion
  • P.E. (4-days/week)
  • Technology
  • Daily Recess
  • One-to-one Chromebooks for 2nd through 5th grades
  • Wireless internet access
  • PreK, Kindergarten and 1st grade have Chromebook stations in the classroom
  • Document cameras in K-5 classrooms
  • Bag lunch
  • Optional hot lunch catered daily by area vendors and served by our volunteer parents(additional charge)
  • Milk service (additional charge)
After School Program (SEAS)
  • After school care is available until 5:45 PM, Monday through Friday. There is an additional charge for this program.
Home and School Association
  • Commonly referred to as HASA; our equivalent to a PTO/PTA.