Advisory Council

School Advisory Council
      The Diocese of Raleigh Operational Guidelines for School Advisory Committees states that the School boards embody the principle of shared responsibility for the church's teaching office. We are mindful that schools are a support to children's parents. In order for parents and teachers to work as partners, mutual collaboration is necessary. School Advisory Councils provide opportunity for this mutual collaboration. The pastor is primarily responsible to insure that the needs, goals, and priorities of the parish are identified, articulated, and met. He is the source of leadership, cooperation and support to achieve the total educational mission of the parish.The School Advisory Council assists and advises the principal who in turn is accountable to the pastor. The principal, having the Council's assistance, will be better able to provide quality Catholic education. The members of the Advisory Council shall be selected from the parish and broader community. Membership is not limited to Catholics since some students enrolled are of other faiths. 
St. Egbert Catholic School Advisory Council
Father Ryszard Kolodziej, Pastor
Kimberlee Felix, Principal
Bill Stompf, Chairperson
Julie Saikali, Secretary
Sean Claire
Chris Frank
David King
Steve Tulevech
Tracy Waner
Willis Warren