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4th Grade Book Suggestions..Written by Students for Students!

Trying to find just the right book? Check out what your classmates have to say:


#1  Numbers Old and New by Adler, Irving and Ruth--4 stars

If you like math, or at least want to know more about it, well you’re going to like this book! Numbers Old and New tells you about the history of numbers, it tells you about “lucky and unlucky” numbers. It even shows you a few tricks you can do with them. If you want to be a mathematician when you grow up, than you should read this book as soon as possible!

#9 Fantasy Demigod Diaries by Riordan, Rick--3 stars

Demigod Diaries was first about a boy named Luke Son of  Hermes and  what he did when he met Annabeth.  When they found a goat Annabeth thinks it is a magical goat.  The fun part of the book is there are word scrambles and crossword puzzles.  There is a chart of Greek Gods and Roman Gods.  The end has a twist that will blow your mind.


#10 Realistic Fiction Enemy Lines by Alexander London--5 stars

In San Francisco Bay, Cory is training his dolphin Kaj how to do a new trick when he gets a report to go to Ukraine with his team's five dolphins. Some of Ukraine's warships are stuck in the port and can’t get out.  There is a  Russian dolphin in the water.  Unlike the other dolphins that are trained to find and locate things, this this dolphin is trained to kill. It has a dart on it’s snout,  a tracking device, and an air tank filled with toxic air to inject into diver’s.  How is anyone going to mark any mines to free the ship?

#8 Biography Men  Who Was Bruce Lee?  by Jim Gigliotti --5 stars

Who was Bruce Lee?  He was star at the Cha-Cha. He was the best martial artist of all time. His father was a movie star. He also a movie star at very young age.  He filmed in Green Hornet and a bunch others. I hope you like the book.


#10  Nonfiction/History  Lost In The Pacific, 1942 by Tod Olson --5 stars

Pearl Harbor, 3.00 am, a B-17 plane known as the “Flying Fortress” is running down the runway. One of it’s tires pops and the plane spins off the runway.  Five minutes later, the same crew is up in the air with a different B-17, and a WW1 ace, Eddie Rickenbacker.  He has top secret information that needs to get to Japan and it might change the war.  The plane ditches in the Pacific because of over shooting the Canton Islands by 200 miles and running short on fuel.  Can eight men survive in three rafts for three months?

#6 Nonfiction/Zoology:  Bad Pets by Allan  Zullo

Bad Pets is about all different kinds of misbehaving animals.  This includes the hijacking dog, the cat burglar, and the seagull who stole food.  Bad Pets is one of the funniest books I have read, even funnier than the joke books I used to read.  I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good laugh.  

#6 Realistic Fiction: Addie Bell’s Shortcut to Growing Up -- 5 stars

Addie Bell’s Shortcut to Growing Up is about a girl named Addie who is 12.  Her older, cooler sister Rory is 16.  Addie is given a “Magic” box.  If you write down your wish and lock it inside the box will supposedly grant the wish.  Addie doesn’t believe the box will work but wants to be 16 so bad she tries anyway.  When she wakes up the next morning she is 16.  She doesn’t remember anything from the past four years.  What will she do with this four year memory gap?   

#8  Graphic Novel: Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown --5 stars 

Roan wanted to go to Pilot Academy but instead he was promoted  to Jedi Academy.First he can not use the force but at the end he can lift boulders.   Is he doomed?  Jedi Academy is a place for middle school.   Roan thought he could never make friends.  At the end it turned out to be a great year.

#13 humor: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume -- 5 stars

When Peter and Fudge are in the same room, two is way to much. Everybody thinks Fudge is so adorable but Peter  and his turtle Dribble know the dark side to him! From throwing mashed potatoes on the wall to eating turtles, Fudge is a storm! What will this human hurricane do next?


#3 Mystery:  Blue Bay Mystery by  Gertrude Chandler Warner -- 4 stars

Benny, Jessie, Violet, Henry, Mike, and Grandfather go to Blue Bay with Lars, who has been to Blue Bay before.  They take a ship to Blue Bay and have school on the ship.  Once they get to Blue Bay they find a mystery.  Is someone on the island?  If so, who?

#10 Graphic Novel: Jedi Academy, A New Class by Jarrett J. Krosoczka -- 5 stars

A New Class is about Victor Starspeeder trying to make friends in his new school.  He is having a tough time because he is always breaking something.  Also he knows people who are being mean to him.  He has a crush and keeps messing up his time with her and he wants to take her to a dance, but it’s not looking so good for Victor.  

#1  Fantasy:  Minecraft: Hidden in the Overworld by Morgan Winter -- 4 stars

The evil Daniel and his army of griefers attacked Noah and Violet’s town.  They go on a long journey to find and kill Daniel. They meet Many other friends to help them fight.  Will they manage it?  Will they finally get revenge on Daniel?  You find out!

#13  Humor:  Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume -- 5 stars

Do you like funny books?  If you do you should read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.  Peter brought home dribble a turtle.  Fudge ate him and stayed in the hospital for a while.  He was okay but the turtle wasn’t.  Fudge kept getting into trouble while his mom was away.

#10 Fantasy:   A Wrinkle in Time  by Madeleine L’engle -- 5 stars

A Wrinkle in Time is about three kids who have three friends who help them tesser through different galaxies. Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace go on an adventurous quest in search of Meg and Charles Wallace’s father who is trapped by It. In doing so, Charles Wallace is hypnotized by the Man who works for It.    

#3   Fantasy: Mountain Dog by Margarita Engle -- 5 stars

When Tony’s mom goes to jail, he goes to live with his uncle and his uncle’s dog, Gabe. His uncle is part of a rescue and search group. When Tony’s uncle goes and searches for someone Tony gets lost to, but the tennager that Tonys uncle is looking for had a dog and while Tony was lost he found the dog. Finally, Tony gets found by Gabe and Tony’s uncle.

#6 Realistic Fiction: The The New Girl by Meg Cabot--4 1/2 stars

Allie Finkle Gets a kitten that she names Mewsette.  Allie’s grandma comes to her house and her mom is very stressed.  She still hasn’t gotten everything unpacked after moving.  Allie is very excited about her first at her new school, Pine Heights Elementary.  She’s even more excited about her first day outfit.  Later she finds out that her beloved kitten Mewsette ( who has a pink canopy bed and rhinestone collar ) is a boy…….

#2 Realistic Fiction  The Winning Stroke by Matt Christopher --  5 Stars

     The Winning Stroke is about this kid who loves baseball but gets hurt while playing it. This book is excellent it talks about a kid playing baseball and then gets hurt and has to do physical therapy at a swimming pool. The swimming pool has a swim team who swims there and Jerry decides to swim with them.

#14 Fantasy  The Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz -- 5 Stars

All of the villains go to school on the Isle. They got challenges on their way to find the dragon eye.  Mal touched it and she was unconscious for a couple of minutes.  Then she woke up and couldn’t find it.

#6 Fantasy  Red Riding Hood Gets Lost by Joan Holub -- 4 Stars

    Red Riding Hood (Red) is trying out for the school play but she finds herself fainting.  Mr. Thumb (the drama teacher) extends the tryouts to Monday but Red decides she isn’t meant for the stage. Red and her friends go into Neverwood Forest (where anyone with half a brain “never would” go) to look for a treasure that will hopefully save their school from its financial problems and Red gets lost. DOOM

#1 Fantasy  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl -- 4 Stars

     Charlie Bucket, a young, poor boy, who barely had enough to eat, ended up being the luckiest man in the world. Willy Wonka, the greatest chocolatier, hid five golden tickets in his candy bars, and five kids got one. Whoever gets one will get to go Mr. Wonka’s factory, and Charlie was lucky. Him, and four other kids went in. Augustus Gloop went up the pipe, Violet Beauregarde chewed too much, Veruca Salt wanted everything, Mike Teavee got shrunken, and Charlie got the factory.