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5th Grade Book Suggestions..Written by Students for Students!

Which book will you read next? Read the Reviews written by your classmates.

#23 5 stars  Science Fiction Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier

If you like Monsters and adventure, Last Kids on Earth would suit you. It all starts on the 42nd day after the monster apocalypse. When Jack (the main character) is at his local CVS looking for a eyeglass repair kit with a very tiny screwdriver, which he needs for an invention. Blarg the monster attacks and knocks Jack off his feet. Jack grabs the Louisville Slicer (his weapon) and is running and stabs Blarg in the forehead! Blarg runs away knocking down houses as he goes. Then he hears a weird crackling noise on his walkie talkie. Want to know what that noise is check out The Last Kids on Earth from the Library.   

#18 5 stars: Realistic Fiction The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White
This book was awesome. It was about a swan named Louis who was born with a voice defect. His parents loved him so much they would get him a voice no matter what it took. After Louis learned to read and write his adventures were endless. He traveled to Montana, Philadelphia and Boston. He worked as a bugler, a leader for a swan tour and he also worked as a concert trumpeter. With his parents love and support, and the help of his friend Sam he was able to find a wife, pay off their debt and return to the lake where he was born. He lived a great adventurous life and had many stories to tell. I really loved this book and learned a lot about swans and how they live. I hope you enjoy this book.

#2  5 stars Nonfiction, Photobiography The Keeper by Tim Howard


The Keeper is  the story of Tim Howard, goalie for U.S, Man United, and Everton.  He was raised by his mom in New Jersey. They did not have a lot of  money. In the fifth grade he was diagnosed with burettes. In spite of all his challenges he had the ability to super focus on the soccer field. He was the youngest player to win MLS goalkeeper of the year. He also made a world cup record with 16 saves against Belgium in the 2014 world cup in the book his mom, his Christian beliefs and how important family is to him.

#4 5 stars: Auggie and Me three Wonder stories by R.J. Palacio

Do you like books with more than one stories, or a book that is a sequel? Well if you do I have the book for you it is called Auggie and Me. It is the sequel to the book Wonder, I am going to tell you about one of the stories in this book it is called the Julian Chapter. If you don’t know Julian he is Auggie’s bully (Auggie is the main character in the book Wonder), any way Julian is talking about his history with Auggie Pullman, his principle, and friends. But my favorite part of the story is when he is in france visiting his grandma. During this time he emailed Mr. Browne ( one of his teacher perhaps his favorite)about Auggie and regretting what he said about him. When Mr. Browne answers he says he agrees to what Julian said. I almost forgot to say that Julian will be going to a different school. Then his grandma came in and Julian tells her about what he wrote to Mr. Browne and she understood that Julian was a little mean to Auggie. Then Julian shows her a picture of Auggie (Auggie has facial differences so that is why Julian was mean to him), but his grandma was calm. Now we got to my favorite part of all, when Julian’s grandma tells him a story about when she was little. To find out what happened in the story you have to read Auggie and me. Before you read this book read Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

#1 4 stars: Fantasy How to Speak Dolphin by Ginny Rorby

Adam is Lily’s half brother. She loves him so much but, his autism has taken over her life. She feels like she is trying to be as much as a mother than a sister. Lily is trying to convince that Adam has a real problem. Adam loves dolphins. When he is invited to meet a dolphin named Nori, Lily sees that Nori and Adam bond instantly. But Lily thinks she should find another plan because Nori is in captivity. Lily does not think it’s fair that Nori has to spend time away from her own family. Can Lily help Nori find her family, but still help Adam?

#7 5 stars / Realistic Fiction Extraordinary by: Miriam Spitzer

Extraordinary is a great book!  Pansy and Anna were best friends, but they get in a tangle.  Anna goes to sleep away camp without Pansy, and while Anna was at camp she caught a terrible fever, that changed her whole self.  Pansy did a lot to once again be best friends with Anna.  It was Extraordinary!  Extraordinary was a sad book but is also very entertaining.  I loved this book!

# 6  2 Stars: Biography Men Who Were The Wright Brothers by James Buckley Jr.

Do you like books about people in history or people flying planes? If so then this book is for you. The book Who Were The Wright Brothers? Is a book about two brothers name Wilbur and Orville Wright. One day Orville decided to fly but, WIlbur thought he was crazy. He was sure Orville couldn’t fly a plane. But, one Wilbur proved him wrong! You will have to find out how when you read the book Who Were The Wright Brothers?

#20 5 stars Realistic Fiction   Jake and Lily  by Jerry Spinelli

If you are looking for a book that is a page turner, the book Jake and Lily is a great book for you. This story is about a pair of twins Jake and Lily and their mean friend Bump. The twins are also trying to find themselves. The twins got in a fight because Lily said their not different but they are.  Jake is having some problems finding friends who are nice. Find out more what happens and if they find themselves the more you read. Hope you enjoy!

#24  5 stars  Nonfiction: Hidden Figures by  Margot Lee Shetterly


There were four black African Americans. They were sooo smart. When they all were little kids they all showed special skill in arithmetic. And they also went on to study mathematics in college. Back then they did not have computers so there was a thing called human computers. And that is what all of these women were. They were human computers for the government's air and space program. It was hard for them because they were black. And back then they had to do a lot of things separate from whites. They could not eat at the same restaurants, they could not drink out of the same water fountains, they could not use the same restrooms, and they could not even marry someone of a different race. These women helped NACA,which stands for At National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. They helped launch the first spaceship out of NACA. These four helpful,smart, and intelligent women changed America’s history!


#17 5 Stars: Humor / Smile  by Raina Telgemeier


Having teeth trouble? You are not the the only one. Raina is having trouble with her teeth too. After Raina’s fall her tooth fell out. The other tooth got pushed up into her gum. When school starts she has lots of boy drama. I really liked this book because it was light hearted. Trust me you’ll smile.  


 5 stars Mystery/Moving Target by Christina Diaz Gonzalez

This book is about a girl named Cassie and her life that changes in a matter of hours. Her father pulled her out of school in the middle of the day without anyone knowing except her best friend and starts driving like crazy. He usually is the most careful guy on the road.  Minutes later her father get shot by a guy on a motorcycle. Her father tells her to go and find a guy named Brother Gregorio. On her way she stops by her friends house, Simone.  While she is there they get shot at again. Fortunately, they escape and make it to Brother Gregorio. He explains about the spear and how she is the guardian of it.  He also explains about the Hastati and that she is there target.  She has to find the spear, save her father, and keep away from the Hastati.  Will she find the spear? Will she  save her father? Can she do all of this without getting killed? Enjoy this thrilling story as you read it.  It is a page turner. You don’t know what you will find on the next page.


5 Stars: Realistic Fiction Towers Fallingby Jewell Parker Rhodes

Déja is a poor girl living in a homeless shelter in a bad part of New York. On the first day of school she meets two people, Ben and Sabeen. They try to be her friends but she doesn’t want them to. Still, she tries to be nice. The teacher Mrs. Garcia wants them to write an essay about their summer vacation Deja says she’ll just leave it blank. Later on Mrs. Garcia says that Déja can write about something else. After school everyday Déja has to go pick up her brother and sister from In school, they start to learn about 9/11 but Déja doesn’t know anything about it.


5 stars: Historical Fiction/ The Whipping Boy by Slid Fleischman

At The Beginning of the story, a prince is living with his father and whenever he gets in trouble, he gets whipped. The King, his father, says if he does nor yelp the next time he whips him, he will kick him out of the castle. The next time he got whipped, he did not yelp so the king kicked him out of the castle. The prince was riding to town on his friend’s and were captured by two people,Hold Your Nose Billy and Cutwater. They took the two children back to their little hut in the woods. They were tortured by Hold Your Nose Billy and Cutwater. Then, they had the prince’s friend, Jemmy , write a letter to the King telling him that he would make a trade giving them 50 pounds of gold for the prince and Jemmy. In the letter, Jemmy had wrote something Hold Your Nose Billy and Cutwater never knew about. Hold Your Nose Billy and Cutwater barely escaped the troops that have come looking for the prince and Jemmy. Then, Jemmy and the prince heard a holler from Hold Your Nose Billy and ran to hide in the sewers. Then, after they got out of the sewers, the rat catcher told them he had heard that Hold Your Nose Billy and Cutwater had left on a convict ship.


5  stars: Fantasy  Charlotte’s Web   by E. B. White

Charlotte’s Web is a book about a little girl named Fern who saves the runt pig from being killed. Fern names him Wilbur. They form a strong bond . Until Mr. Arable’s friend who owns a farm and wants Wilbur at his farm. Of course Fern is mad about this. But she still gets to see him but can’t go in the pin with Wilbur. Finally, Mr. Zuckerman “Mr.Arable friend’’ wants to take Wilbur to the fair to see if he will win best pig and if he does Wilbur will get roasted. While it is a few weeks before the fair Wilbur meets Charlotte the friendly spider. Charlotte wants to bust Wilbur out of the farm so he can get back to Fern. I wish I could tell you the ending , but I can’t. So I hope you will like this book just as much as I did.

#16  5 Stars  Fiction/Wonder by R.J.Palacio

Wonder is about a 10 year old boy named August. He feels like a normal boy inside but not on the outside. He is born with a disfigured face which makes him different from everyone else. But this year he is going to go to school he will be in the fifth grade. He is nervous to meet his teacher and classmates but once his classmates get to know him they will treat him like you and me. until?

#17  4 Stars/ Fiction/Historical Fiction:  Feathers   by Jacqueline Woodson

This book takes place in the 1970s which means segregation  is not a law any more. There is a boy that is white, and the rest of the school is black. The class calls him Jesus Boy. Franie’s friend Trevor makes fun of the boy.  Jesus Boy is calm most of the time a the class finds that weird. Franie’s brother Sean is deaf. Samantha is one Franie’s friends she tries to get Franie to go to church but she won’t go at first. Samantha keeps on trying franie finally agrees to go. Her mother has always tried to get Franie to go so when Samatha get Franie to she is supperprised.

#16  5 Stars: Fiction/Realistic Fiction:  Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

This story was about true friendship. A boy named Jess and a girl named Leslie. They are kind and smart, with an a imagination. They swing on a rope over a creek to a far away place. A world they feel good in and have acceptance. There is great sadness, the tragic death of a best friend, but the life lesson at the heart of the story is valuable.

#21  5 stars:  Fiction:  The Good Master by Kate Seredy

At the beginning of this story Jancsi and his father go to meet his cousin Kate.  Jancsi wakes up and puts on his best clothes, but he’s in for a rude surprise.  Earlier in the month his father’s brother sent a note and said she is darling flower.  HE LIED!  When she comes, she causes to many problems to count! Eventually, she starts pitching in to help.  She’s no city girl anymore, she’s a ruff-tuff cowgirl.  When gypsies come, she gets stolen!  Can Jancsi’s father be a good shepherd, and take care of her?  Will Kate ever be found?    

#2  5 stars: Science Fiction: Dracula by Bram Stoker

Have you ever been to Transylvania? If you have, had you ever seen a mysterious castle? That’s where a man named Dracula lives all by himself except the reposing souls of mankind. A young man named Jonathan went to go see a client. When he arrived he saw the strange castle. Jonathan had no idea that Dracula lived there until rumors started spreading. The rumors were about Dracula planning on to destroy some people and feeding on them. Jonathan didn’t really think about until he saw a strange vampire like man. To learn more, read Dracula by Bram Stoker.

#12: 5 Stars : Realistic Fiction Holes by Louis Sachar

Well, there is no lake at Camp Green Lake, not at all, just a old dry lake.  And  Stanley is convicted of stealing some shoes. Of course he didn’t, but he has no way to prove it, he just is able to tell the truth, but nobody believes him that the shoes fell from the sky. So in unfair punishment, he goes to a correctional facility.  When Stanley finds a fossil, he thinks he can get the day off, but the Warden is only interested in bullets and lipstick containers from Kissin Kate Barlow, so he doesn’t get the day off. But later he does find a lipstick container and instead of getting the day off, he gives it to X-Ray.

#1   4 stars: Fantasy   Bridge to Terabithia   by Katherine Paterson

Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr. wants to be the fastest kid in 5th grade. Until a new girl, Leslie Burkes, comes in and crosses to the other side of the playground and beats everyone, including the boys. That isn’t a very promising start of a friendship, but Leslie and Jesse become BEST FRIENDS! Leslie has imagination. Together, they created a place called Terabithia. Leslie came up with the idea when she and Jesse were in the woods exploring.  There is no end to what they have created and never will be. Terabithia is a big secret between them. Then one morning, a terrible tragedy occurred. Can Jesse overcome, and take care of Terabithia, alone?

#22   4 stars: Historical Fiction  The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh

This Newberry Honor Book is part fiction part nonfiction.  You are probably asking how, well, Sarah Noble was a real person that moved to New Milford. However the author imagined many of the details.  Sarah’s Father  was intending to build a house in New Milford. But he needed his strongest son to help him.  He also needed one of his daughters to help ( he chose Sarah Noble).  Throughout her journey she thought the words, "Keep up your courage Sarah Noble.”  You’ll know the rest of their journey if you read this book.


5 Stars: Fiction/Newbery    One Came Home  by Amy Timberlake

There is a girl and her name is Georgie. She goes on a journey. Georgie goes because she blurted out something she shouldn't have and it was very very embarrassing to her sister, Agatha. Agatha flees out of the house with anger. Help Georgie find Agatha.She needs your help!


4 Stars: Fiction/Realistic Fiction Clementine for Christmas by  Daphne Benedis-Grab

       A girl named Josie has a dog named Clementine.  She and her mom live with her grandparents.  Josie’s  mom wants to move into an apartment but, that means giving up Clementine.  Clementine means everything to Josie.  Meanwhile, Josie is helping out at the hospital. A boy named Oscar, as a punishment, has to work at the hospital, and meets up with Josie.  Oscar’s parents are having problems.  A girl named Gabby is the most popular girl in school, but she has a secret that could change her life forever.  Clementine can feel people's feelings.  Added to all this stress, Josie has to organize a Christmas Festival.  The Christmas Festival is very important to her (it reminds her of her dad).  Will all these decisions be made before the Christmas Festival?


5 Stars: Fiction/Fantasy Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Last Olympian by Riordan Rick

        All year the half-bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans. Even though the odds are very slim. The Titan army is stronger than ever. Every day the half-bloods can’t prepare enough for what they are about to face. The Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon. Percy fears he may be fighting against his own face. They try to prevent the Titan army from destructing Mount Olympus. Percy fears that the prophecy may come true.


4 Stars: Fiction / Fantasy  Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

     Jess wanted to be the fastest kid from the 4th and 5th grades.  He practiced running all summer. When he went back to school, a new girl named Leslie beat him.  Leslie had a great imagination.  She and Jess created Terabithia.  Terabithia was a magical kingdom.  One morning, something horrible happened while Jess was on a trip with Miss. Edmunds, the music teacher.  Jess was horribly sad and had great grief and sorrow about what had happened.  Finally, Jess realized that Leslie has helped him understand things better.


5 Stars: Fiction/Realistic Fiction From the Mixed up Files of Mrs.Basil E. FrankWeiler  by E.L.Konigsburg

This book is about a girl and her brother. Their names are Claudia and Jamie. They plan to run away and go to a museum in New York City. Claudia wants to run away because she is the oldest child in her family and has to do the hardest chores. She picked Jamie to go with her because he is a good partner and is always there when you need a good laugh. They have to save their money from their allowance to go on the train ride to the city. But they found a free ticket in their mom and dad’s trash can that would pay for both of them because they are both under twelve years old.


5 Stars: Fiction/Historical Fiction I Survived the Attacks of September 11, 2001 by Laren Tarshis

        This book is about a boy who plays football and he likes to work on a fire engine model with his dad. The boy's name is Lucas. One day he got his third concussion in football. He goes to the doctor and the doctor says three concussions can kill a boy his age. In two to three weeks his concussion wears off. He begs his parents to let him play football. So the next day he goes to see his uncle at the firehouse in New York. When he arrives he finds himself in a tragic event.