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Home and School Association (HASA)

     The Home And School Association (HASA) connects St. Egbert School’s faculty and staff with parents by creating a means of involvement and communication between your home and our school. Every parent, by virtue of having a child in the school, is a member. HASA conducts meetings during the school year to keep up with school news and upcoming events, and to meet other parents. There will also be a monthly calendar and updates sent home via Wednesday Envelope.


     The first main function of HASA is organizing parent volunteers in various activities. We provide services and assistance that enhance our children’s excellent education while not burdening our school with additional costs. Also, volunteering provides parents the chance to become involved with our school and become part of our school family.  HASA’s second main function is raising money for St. Egbert Catholic School. The yearly fundraising allows HASA to meet its substantial monetary obligation to our school, which benefits all families by keeping tuition down and offsetting the cost of running the school.


     HASA also considers itself a community steward. We support local groups such as First Responders, Martha’s Mission and Toys for Tots, as well as the larger charities like Catholic Relief Services. We all have chosen to make sacrifices so our children are able to attend St. Egbert Catholic School. We believe that this school will make a difference in their lives. HASA has provided several opportunities for parents to be involved throughout the year and we highly encourage you to support your child's education one way or another.



2022-2023 HASA BOARD

President: Madeline Furtner 252-269-5235 [email protected]

Vice President: Noel Wordsworth 252-822-2981

Treasurer: Liza Merrell 919-395-6298 [email protected]

Secretary: Carly Frank 252-723-9399

Parish Liaison: Trish Reichert 631-258-8224