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Faith in Action

St. Lucy 2022
Our students were greeted at the Flagpole by St. Lucy. She was known for bringing food and aid to Christians in hiding. Thank you to Millie and her family for helping us on this special day!
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Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego 2022
Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego gave prayer cards to our students on December 12, 2022. We appreciate Cesar and Alexandra's assistance!
St. Nicholas 2022
St. Nicholas arrived and greeted students during our morning Flagpole. He handed out treats to our students and visited the kindergarten class. Special thanks to Betts, Luke and the whole McCoy family!
Feast of St. Francis
October 4, 2021
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On the Feast of St. Francis, we had our annual blessing of the pets. Father Ryszard walked around and individually blessed all the animals. We had several dogs and cats and a few hamsters and lizards. Thank you to the Franciscan order for the beautiful St. Francis medals and prayer cards. It was a wonderful day!
Feast of Saint Lucy
December 14, 2020
We celebrated the Feast of Saint Lucy. According to legend, she brought food and aid to Christians that were in hiding. She wore a wreath of candles on her head in order to carry as much food as possible.
Our Saint Lucy handed out cookies to students after our morning prayers.

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 11, 2020

Today we gathered in Ferguson Hall to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mary appeared to Juan Diago dressed as an Aztec woman to show her love and compassion to an oppressed group of people. Mary had heard the prayers and pain of these people, and she came to give them hope. Mary's visit to Guadalupe is a reminder that God will remember his mercy for all people.

Our Lady gave everyone a prayer card so we can pray and grow closer to Jesus.

Feast of Saint Nicholas

December 4, 2019

As we gathered outside for our advent observance, St. Nicholas came to visit our students. They were told the story of St. Nicholas and why he was an important saint in our history. As the students returned to their classes, St. Nicholas handed out candy canes to all our students. They were extremely excited for the candy and for getting to meet St. Nicholas.