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Day in the Life

Dr. Seuss is an Inspiration!
Students participated in "Read Across America Week." We celebrated at school by challenging the students to replace television and electronics with reading. Each student was able to earn “pieces of duct tape” if they met the challenge. The duct tape was used to stick Mrs. Felix to the wall! The entire school was fired up especially when Mrs. Baxley decided to put a whipped cream pie
into Mrs. Felix’s face! The students roared with screams and laughter! It was awesome! Mrs. Felix was such a good sport!
Thanksgiving is a special time for showing appreciation for all that we have. We celebrate with a special celebration of Turkey Pancakes!
2018 Pumpkin Contest Winners!
Recess Fun!
Sonny Hyman Field Day

Sonny Hyman Field Day takes place in the spring of each year.   Sonny Hyman was a man who throughout his life demonstrated the true meaning of stewardship and sportsmanship. Coach Sonny was our volunteer PE coach for 40 years here at Saint Egbert.  He expected students to demonstrate outstanding character, athletic ability and sportsmanship. We honor Sonny Hyman with this field day annually to display our abilities and sportsmanship. Students in Grades K-5 will participate in this physical education activity designed to provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate their fitness through a variety of exercises that they have been working hard on all year long! At the end of the day we end with an award ceremony to recognize school wide winners and individual classroom winners.


1 Line Touch Run

2 Sit Ups

3 Push Ups

4 Clare House Run

5 Pull Ups