Special Events

2022-23 Christmas Pageant Sing Joy!
Our students participate in the annual Christmas Pageant, our gift to the St. Egbert Families. We were able to change the format this year so it could be streamed live, allowing for those who couldn't join us to watch as it was presented.
If you are interested in viewing our 2022-23 pageant please click the link below.
Seafood Festival 2022
Even though Hurricane Ian was in the forecast, we were able to participate in the NC Seafood Festival on Saturday and Sunday. We are especially grateful to all our volunteers who helped us with our Cajun shrimp pitas!
Catholic Schools Week 2019
St. Egbert School Welcomes Bishop Zarama
Amped Up for You-Tilities 2019
Even though the Seafood Festival was cancelled due to Hurricane Florence, St. Egbert Catholic School did participate in the "Amped Up for You-Tilities" event that was hosted by the NC Seafood Festival. We served Cajun shrimp pitas.