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Why Choose Us?
Our family's goal is to raise kind, compassionate, confident young people that will go out into the world and serve others. That’s it, sounds simple, right? Parenting can be hard, really hard. I am thankful that the majority of parents at St. Egbert have similar goals for their children and that we are able to encourage one another through this journey of parenthood. Looking back, I had no idea nine years ago, that the parents in my daughter’s PreK class would become life long friends and that the teachers and support staff would become like family. We share the joys and sorrows in life, give Grace where needed, and most of all, support all of our children through the primary school years. It is because of this sense of community that St. Egbert students head into middle school well prepared with a strong work ethic, sense of accountability, and a healthy respect for education. But perhaps most importantly, they are armed with a solid foundation of faith in God and a true understanding of the importance of service. I’m not certain we could find that in a larger school environment and am grateful to call St. Egbert our school. 

Lori Beth Sanborn