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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Technology Agreement Form
  •  Acceptable Use Policy/Technology Agreement 

    St. Egbert provides the use of computer facilities and Internet access for educational use only. For the students to use the Internet, parents must give their permission. Please review these guidelines with your child.
    1. Use the computer and Internet only with your teacher’s permission and for the purpose your teacher has requested.
    2. Your school computer files are not private and your teacher or system manager may see them at any time.
    3. Respect copyright laws: Do not copy materials without permission. Be sure to tell where you found your information.
    4. Do not sync your home and school Google accounts.
    5. Do not change your profile picture to one of yourself (we do not want your photo attached to any documents).
    6. Do not give your password to anyone.
    7. Do not enter information about yourself.
    8. Do not agree to meet anyone.
    9. Ask your teacher about any messages that you receive that are not appropriate and make you feel uncomfortable.
    10. Do not attempt to access profane or obscene material. If you do so accidentally, notify your teacher right away.
    11. Do not enter inappropriate or hurtful language into the computer.
    12. Students will be disciplined according to the general disciplinary practices if they do not follow these guidelines or if they utilize the computers and Internet inappropriately.

    Personal Identifiers

    As you are aware, there are potential dangers associated with the posting of personally identifiable information on a web site since global access to the Internet does not allow us to control who may access such information. These dangers have always existed; however, we do want to celebrate your child and his/her work. The law requires that we ask for your permission to use information about your child. Pursuant to law, we will not release any personal identifiable information without prior written consent from you as parent or guardian. Personal identifiable information includes student names, photo or image, residential addresses, e-mail address, phone numbers and locations and times of class trips.

    If you, as the parent or guardian, wish to rescind this agreement, you may do so at any time in writing by sending a letter to the principal of your child’s school and such rescission will take ceffect upon receipt by the school.

  • Class Dojo 

    We use Class Dojo to celebrate activities and achievements throughout the year. Since parents must accept and sign into Class Dojo, all information is password protected.

    Student Artwork or Writing
    It is policy that a student’s artwork or writing may be published on a web page developed for educational purposes with parental permission. Such published work may/will be identified by student's first name only.

    Student Photographs
    There may be occasions when students’ photographs may appear in various venues such as the local newspapers or newsletters to highlight special achievements, etc. Please select the venues in which you would approve having your child’s picture appear. 

  • As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read and discussed with my child the Computer/Internet Acceptable Use Policy of Saint Egbert Catholic School. I understand that the computer facilities and the Internet are designed for educational purposes. I further understand that precautions have been taken to restrict access to inappropriate material, but my son/daughter is ultimately responsible for restricting himself/herself from this inappropriate material and will not hold them or their designees responsible for materials acquired on the network. I also understand that any misuse of the facilities may result in a financial obligation in order to repair or remedy any problem that develops as a result of this misuse and that my child may lose computer privileges at school.

  • I understand that my child may need access to the internet to complete assigned work. My child would be unable to sufficiently participate if a Chromebook is not provided.

  • This form will remain on file for as long as my child is enrolled in St. Egbert Catholic School. If I wish to rescind this agreement, I may do so at any time in writing by sending a letter to the principal and such rescission will take effect upon receipt by the school.